Our EHR & IT Support Services

When utilizing NextGen® EHR, your medical practice relies on computers and the Internet as vital tools more than ever before. However being more reliant means being more vulnerable to computer issues and outside Internet threats. With ITelagen®, your practice can have the same range of sophisticated solutions as do the large healthcare companies.

The ITelagen NextGen® EHR Support Service provides a complete IT support solution for supporting your staff in the use of NextGen EHR and securing, managing and supporting their desktop computers. Our entire support staff is 100% NextGen® Certified (NCP) in EHR and EPM as well as the latest Microsoft technologies. Therefore, ITelagen is capable of supporting the entire IT infrastructure and NextGen EHR within your medical practice. From proactive support to complete remote support for each staff member, our NextGen EHR Support Service empowers physicians to focus on the patient while ITelagen focuses on supporting your staff.

Our IT Support Services includes:

Your Own “NextGen EHR Specialist” Team
ITelagen assigns you a team of dedicated certified NextGen Specialists that take the time to understand your technology needs and your medical practice. Our specialists are hand selected from the best, most experienced engineers and have passed ITelagen’s stringent screening process. All of our service technicians are highly trained and certified in the latest EHR applications and specialize in supporting and communicating with non-technical people.

100% USA Employees100% USA-based Staff
All of ITelagen’s NextGen® EHR staff and datacenters are located in the United States. This further ensures the security of your patient data as the data never leaves the United States.