PainCare™ for NextGen® EHR

The pain management practice is complex and proper documentation is imperative for pain management physicians.  PainCare™ was designed to meet the complexity and documentation needs; no matter whether your workflow contains pharmacological treatment, interventional procedures or alternative therapy, these templates are customizable to every client.  And all workflows are streamlined to include fields addressing complaints, history of present illness and review of systems – concentrating on problems most commonly presented in Pain Management.

PainCare™ for NextGen® EHR empowers Pain Management physicians and staff with fully integrated technology providing powerful electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software designed to accommodate the unique needs of pain management practices. PainCare™ for NextGen® EHR and NextGen® Practice Management software can be implemented as a combined integrated solution or separately as stand-alone applications. Either way, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge and attention to the detail that makes up the pain management specialty. Live in hundreds of practices nationwide, the NextGen® system is designed to meet your unique clinical and administrative needs.

Designed by Pain Management Physicians… 
PainCare™ for NextGen® EHR delivers tools, templates, and workflows specific to the needs of pain management, developed with the help of leading physicians and EHR experts. Quickly and accurately diagnosing, treating, and managing patients with the help of easy-to use diagnostic-driven templates. Electronically documenting and storing patient data, thereby minimizing chart-pulls, dictation, and transcription and the associated costs. Coding at the highest level possible for maximum reimbursement. Ordering and reviewing tests and lab results with a few simple clicks. Leveraging cutting-edge technology to comprehensively manage your patients’ health.

Simple.PainCare™ for NextGen® EHR is efficient, easy and effective. Created to work the way you do, the software offers unique features and workflow that match (or can be customized to) the way Pain Management physicians practice medicine.

Complete.Built with pain management physicians in mind, PainCare™ for NextGen® EHR is a seamless integrated solution designed to enhance the clinical, business, and financial performance of smaller practices. In one comprehensive package, you’ll find the key application features and functions – “out of the box” – pain management physicians need to be successful with EHR.

Affordable.PainCare™ for NextGen® EHR is provided to your practice as part of a total solution that includes implementation, maintenance, hosting and support for one low monthly fee. Our approach makes PainCare™ for NextGen® EHR affordable for even the smallest practices.