NextGen® EHR

NextGen® Series 8If you are looking for an EHR partner who has the tools you need to comply with MU Stage 2 and ICD-10, our NextGen® EHR powered by ITelagen® is a game changer!

Simple. Easy to use, logical, clean design.
Smart. Intelligent and intuitive focused content.
Fast. Minimize training and improve patient throughput.

NextGen® EHR helps small practices streamline their workflow and attest for Meaningful Use, simply and quickly. It enables instant access to charts and lab results, e-prescribing with pharmacies, health maintenance alerts, medication recalls, and more.

With built-in workflow and clinical content, NextGen® EHR creates efficient encounter documentation. Electronic patient charts, arranged by practice workflow on a single screen, allow providers to review the medical summary and quickly order prescriptions, tests, procedures, or referrals right from the system.

Multi-location practices can instantly access and document in patient records from any location. This provides patients with the flexibility to make appointments or receive test or lab results at any location without a paper chase. NextGen® EHR is especially suited for multi-specialty practices thanks to embedded clinical content and workflow for over 25 specialties.

NextGen® EHR provides the functionality and ongoing support your group practice needs now and in the future to enable success in an ever-changing medical environment.

Specialty-specific Documentation with Robust Clinical Content
Developed by clinical specialists, with built-in workflow and clinical content for over 25 specialties, our EHR enables documenting specialty-specific HPIs, procedures, histories, assessments, and more.